Lightcast Digital

For over seven years, lightcast digital has been partnering with Indian spiritual organizations and teachers, to amplify their wisdom teachings, through the creation of hundreds of hours digital content and its worldwide distribution through the internet.

This has resulted in the modernization and phenomenal growth of their web presence, creation of videos and films and other media collaterals with a modern look and feel, and the creation of many online courses that are distributed to dozens of countries in the world.
While doing this, we have also added value by introducing sophisticated collaboration tools and modern digital processes within their organizations.
We have done most of this work as service without any expectations.
Taking only a portion of the revenue that is thus generated from the courses, while handling all support, updates,accounting, sales, motivational marketing and many other ongoing processes that are required to keep student,seeker,practitioner relationships alive.

Lightcast consists of a small team of digital media and creative professionals, with decades of experience and expertise in a vast repertoire of academic and creative media technologies.

To keep us, and our families going – so we can assist spiritual teachers and organizations while learning from them simultaneously – we take on intermittent paid projects from large corporations.
However, our love and focus is mainly devoted to creating spiritual content for the world.
Creating seeds of lasting value, that will help people grow, and spread their own seeds of wisdom.

Our home base is New Delhi, India.


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